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  • PRIMO27® Five Spice - Jerk Fusion combines the best of both worlds from Asia to the Island of Jamiaca pushing boundaries of flavor towards sweeter spice profiles and heat. With a heavy dose of allspice and the intensified heat level of ginger and chile peppers this blend is heavily involved but maintains the balanced profile of a complete blend which can be used in any number of applications. This blend would be a great addition for an adventurous baker looking to add heat and dynamic flavors to their cupcakes, pies, or deserts, but don't let that stop you from heavy coating your favorites meats or vegetables.

  • Applications: Apply liberally to chicken, pork, beef, seafood and vegetables for bold exotic flavor.

  • Cooking Methods: Grilling, Baking, Pan-frying, Stir-frying and Roasting. Add a dash to snacks and side items such as flat bread, potatoes, soup, dips and salads.

  •  Other blends: Original Global Fusion - Chile Garlic Mélange

TIP: Seasoned Salt

Combine 1 part PRIMO27® with 2 parts Sea Salt. Allow 24 hours for the oils from the spices to absorb into the salt. Great way to create an additional quick seasoning tool and its much healthier then grocery store seasoned salts that are full of artificial flavors, fillers, and MSG. ENJOY!

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